Lily’s ToyBox, a Houston non-profit that provides toys to kids whose belongings were lost in a natural disaster, is 2020's chosen client for Ad2 Houston Public Service Campaign. One of the goals for this advertising campaign is to create a visually interesting and user-friendly website that better matches the organization’s visual identity as well as draws more interest from the public, which I was in charge of.
Lily's ToyBox provides toys to children who have lived through traumatic experiences. Previously, the non-profit had a minimal web presence, but they understood the need to have a website to better showcase who they are and draw in more support for their cause. I took the content from the existing website and its current brand standard to design a new website structure that is both user-friendly and visually engaging through Wix, a well-known website builder. I utilized more rounded typefaces, photos from their charitable activities, and the newly designed bear mascot to translate an interpersonal feel and a warm persona, which are important qualities of Lily's ToyBox.
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