Play: Creativity Cards is a re-designing project of the AnyThink Creativity Cards created by wearecritical. Though the existing deck is quirky in its language and illustrations, its design is much more minimal and clean. Hence, I decided to bring more fun energy into the design by putting my own twist on it.
The card deck is designed to inspire and help you take action and move forward with your creative projects. This deck is here to give your ideas wings. Need help jump-starting your brainstorming session? Seeking ways to get out of a creative block? Looking for suggestions that can expand your idea even further? Then this deck will become a useful tool for you and your creative teams.
The visual aesthetic of the card deck was inspired by the vibrant, neon-like inks used in risograph as well as the imperfect quality of prints created by the machine. The color palette is consisted of neon pink and a complementary dark blue, allowing everything to pop. The fun illustrations, the roughen edges, the sketchy lines, and the hand-written typeface further translate the energetic quality of this card deck.
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