In order to aid the American people, government systems were put into place; however, they are skewed with the intention to exclude minorities and impede on their rights, degrade the quality of life, limit access to basic needs like healthcare, housing, education, and so much more. This mockup exhibition, Racism by Design: A Fractured System From The Start, brings forth these ongoing struggles to inform the audience of the hardships within the Black community and encourage them to become better advocates. It will guide you from historical events to prevalence issues that are still happening today and end with a call to fix this fractured system. Black lives deserve to live in a world free of racism and it is time to fix this fractured system.
The concept was inspired by Lavett Ballard's photo collages, which made use of imagery reflecting social issues and adorned with vibrant elements to re-imagine the visual narrative of people of African descent. The exhibition carries the same sentiment by using powerful images of protesters and a colorful color palette to highlight the strength of the Black community, showing they will never give up fighting for a better life.
Each visitor will receive a small brochure containing a brief summary of the exhibit as well as guides on how to become an ally to the Black community. It also doubles as an advocating poster when unfolded. Other merchandises, such as t-shirts and buttons, are available upon the visitors' request.
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